Garage Security Tips

Garage maintenance is a critical part of your home security. It’s often overlooked on safety checks, but it can be a dangerous place if not regularly checked for fire and fall hazards and much more. Reduce these risks for a safer and better protected home.

Cleaning and Organizing

A cluttered garage is an unsafe garage plus it’s just plain unattractive. Items left scattered around the floor can cause someone to fall and severely injure themselves. Garages often become repositories for things that homeowners don’t want to throw away, but they don’t want in their house.

Go through the items on an annual or semi-annual basis at the least. Make a donate pile and a sell pile. It’s much better to have a clean garage and some money in your pocket than letting items gather dust.

Make a keep pile for the things that you do need. Concentrate on organizing your garage so that it’s easier to find things and items aren’t piled haphazardly. Place tools in one area and gardening equipment in another. Categorizing the items in your garage makes things easier to find when you need them and creates pathways.

If you absolutely can’t part with something, rent a storage unit so you can keep your garage clutter-free. When you think about the expense of a storage unit, it may help you make decisions on whether to keep or toss the items that you’re not sure of.

Install Non-Slip Flooring

After you clear out the clutter, and organize your garage, look at the current flooring. If it doesn’t have friction, it increases the risk that someone will slip and fall. Picking the right floor makes your garage look modern and stylish, and many other materials have more grip than coated concrete.

You can even put down strips of non-slip tape with abrasive particles to provide extra traction to reduce the risk of falls. Add lighting to dark areas so that it’s easier to move around.

Install a Smoke Detector

Many homeowners don’t think about putting a smart smoke detector in the garage, but there are many fire hazards there, especially if it’s cluttered. Today’s smoke detectors don’t just sense fire and sound an audible alarm, they can also send an alert to the homeowner’s smartphone in case no one is home.

In addition to detecting smoke, intelligent smoke detectors can also sense carbon monoxide, which is odorless but deadly. These smoke detectors are extremely sensitive and have lower error rates. They are also simple to program.

Your garage may not be first on your maintenance list, but it’s important to check regularly. You shouldn’t look at your garage as a dumping ground because you or another family member can become seriously injured in a cluttered room. There are also many fire hazards to monitor. So, keep your garage under control. Also, a medical alert pendant is an excellent option for older homeowners that alerts first responders if there’s an accident, emergency, or you fall. Consider getting one today.

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