senior safety monitoring for the holidays

As seniors head out to holiday time activities, their loved ones may be concerned about those outings that call for more independence. If that’s the case, then there are ways a medical alert system can help. Here are some examples.

Fall Detection for Outings

Many seniors love to take advantage of local holiday home tours, Christmas tree farm trips, and walkabout caroling. They may go out in groups for these fun outings, and their younger loved ones may not be involved – leaving those loved ones to be concerned about accident risks like tripping on stairs, walking on uneven landscapes, or slipping on ice.

How can a medical alert system help? By providing built-in fall detection that works as long as there is cell phone coverage. The attendants will be ready to help the moment they see a fall was detected (which is immediately after the fall).

Location Detection for Peace of Mind

Peace of earth may be the theme of the season, but peace of mind is what caregivers crave. With a medical alert system, they can have it. The wearable pendant is equipped with GPS and Wifi location technology, so the wearer can always be located and loved ones can rest easy while parents and grandparents are out having fun. The senior is able to retain independence without “checking in” with their kids, thereby enjoying the holidays even more.

These are the most important ways medical alert systems ward off the possibility of holiday harm to older loved ones. To learn more about these valuable security tools for seniors, contact Park Medical Alert.

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Living with an elderly parent is certainly a joy, but it can also be a challenge. With the right precautions, however, you can make the experience much easier on everyone involved. To learn more about medical alert systems in Pennsylvania, call Park Medical Alert today.

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