Any elderly person who lives alone or even spends time alone is susceptible to suffering from a fall or other emergency. As we get older, we tend to fall more and experience more medical situations that require professional help. The dangers of a home invasion or other criminal activity are also increased.

However, summoning help can be tricky for the elderly.

Whether it is remembering which phone number to call for help, being paralyzed from fear during a break-in or needing help during heart attack or stroke, seniors need extra assistance when it comes to getting timely help.

A Wireless Medical Alert Device is a perfect way to add that extra layer of protection that could save the life of your loved one. This device can be worn on the belt, around the wrist or as a pendant around the neck. It comes with a lanyard, wristband, keychain, and belt clip so that you can keep your medical alert device with you at all times.

It is water resistant, so it can be used in the shower or bathtub. The shower and bath can be dangerous times for the elderly; this alert device ensures that they are able to call for help if they fall or have an emergency.

When an emergency happens, the easier it is for your loved ones to activate a medical alarm, the better. With this in mind, this device has been designed to make activation easy. When it is time to change the batteries, a low battery signal will be displayed. Simply remove the (4) screws from the cover to get to the battery for replacement.

Which elderly loved one in your life could you help by giving them a medical alert pendant? Give us a call today.

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