Warning Signs That Signal Your Aging Parent May Need Help

Many older people want to remain in the comfort of their home as long as they can. The idea of uprooting their lives and moving into a nursing home frightens them. Plus, they lose the security of the home they’ve often known for decades. Often a senior parent doesn’t want to ask for help, so it’s difficult to tell when the family needs to support them a little more. Here are some signs that it may be time to offer more help.

The Household Suffers Neglect

You can often tell if an aging parent needs more help by the state of their household. More clutter illustrates that housework may be becoming too difficult for your mom to keep up with. Try visiting weekly or bi-weekly to give her a hand with household chores and cleaning.

Are the electric and water being cut off or are their missed payments for bills? Look for evidence of late payments or missed calls from bill collectors. As we age, we become more forgetful, and it’s likely that your mom may simply be forgetting to pay the bills at home. Offer to take charge of bill paying to ease your senior relative’s responsibility. Be careful about taking too much away because it takes some of her dignity away to turn over some of those tasks.

Does mom forget to turn the stove off or other things that can lead to deadly results? It’s a sign that maybe they shouldn’t be left alone all of the time.

Watch Out for Changes in Health

Is your mother having difficulty with mobility? Is getting around her home more difficult? Stairs are an obstacle for older people and can lead to falls and injuries. Fall proofing the home as much as possible is critical. Try to senior proof your relative’s home and look for solutions to mobility problems such as a walker for more support.

medical alert is an excellent solution for the older family member that wants to retain their independence. Your mom can press the button if she falls or has a medical emergency and a 24-hour monitoring center verifies the emergency and notifies fire, rescue, and law enforcement. A medical alert eases your worry and lets your mother stay in the home she loves.

About Park Medical Alert

Living with an elderly parent is certainly a joy, but it can also be a challenge. With the right precautions, however, you can make the experience much easier on everyone involved. To learn more about medical alert systems in Pennsylvania, call Park Medical Alert today at (814) 667-4371.

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